Steve Wranovsky

steve (at) swsoftwareinc (dot) com


C#, ASP.NET, MVC, .NET Core, REST, Python, DICOM, PACS, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, HTML5, Javascript


SW Software Inc.

Software Consultant, Bayer Inc. (Remote, April 2020 – Present)

  • Member of team working on an AI algorithm to diagnosis disease based on CT imaging data

  • Assumed software leadership role on the team in November of 2020

Software Consultant/Software Architect, Synaptive Medical Inc. (Remote, December 2014 – April 2020 Full Time, April 2020 - Present Part Time)

  • Member of the software architecture team responsible for the development of neurosurgical informatics solutions

  • Developed HL7 interfacing capabilities for the informatics solution

  • Member of the development team of the console software of a next generation MR scanner

Software Consultant, Cilio Technologies (Remote, May 2007 – Present)

  • Database design, and back end service implementation for a Web Portal for order fulfillment in the building supply industry

  • Implemented support for processing and generation of various EDI messages

  • Developed various methods for improving serviceability of the products and keeping them running efficiently

  • Integrated the portal products with a number of 3rd party applications including synchronizing databases over web services for doing dashboards and analytics of customer data

  • REST Integration with multiple major retailers to synchronize installation information

  • REST Integration with third party APIs such as texting and flooring estimations

Software Consultant/Senior System Architect, ClearCanvas Inc. (Remote, May 2007 – December 2014 Full Time)

  • System Architect for the ClearCanvas ImageServer, an open source DICOM PACS system (https://github.com/ClearCanvas/ClearCanvas)

  • Responsible for overseeing the design of the ImageServer from initial conception of the project

  • Contributed to the development of a Silverlight based viewer of medical images utilizing server side rendering with the ClearCanvas ImageViewer

  • Contributed to the development of a next generation HTML5 based viewer of medical images using websockets and Javascript on the client

  • Development work on various other ClearCanvas projects, including a mini-PACS and an HL7 integration server for receiving HL7 patient updates, merges, and reports and integrating them with the ImageServer

Software Consultant, University Health Network (Remote, December 2012 – February 2014)

  • Contract development work to add robustness to existing DICOM PACS server in handling volatile filesystems and system failure

  • Added support for integrating a custom developed PACS system with a regional VNA archive in Ontario, Canada

  • Implemented DICOM Storage Commitment support for the customer's PACS system

Merge Heathcare / Cedara Software

Manager, Engineering, MergeCOM-3 DICOM Tool Kit (Milwaukee, WI, August 2004 – May 2007)

  • Brought Native Java based DICOM Tool Kit to Market

  • Managed and contributed to the development effort for a C# .NET DICOM Tool Kit

  • Continued development and customer support of the MergeCOM-3 C DICOM tool kit

Software Engineer / Development Manager, Fusion PACS Object Repository (Milwaukee, WI, October 2002 – July 2004)

  • Joint technical lead for Windows based DICOM medical archive and image server

  • Jointly lead the effort to help stabilize the product after its first release in September of 2002 through several service packs and releases

  • Authored design documents for enhancements to the software over several releases

  • Developed SQL Server stored procedures and helped with database optimization and troubleshooting

Lead Software Engineer, MergeARK and MergeView (Milwaukee, WI, September 1999 – September 2002)

  • Technical lead for DICOM based medical archive (MergeARK) and image server (MergeView)

  • Lead the software development cycle for six software releases from requirements to sign-off

  • Authored design documentation for MergeView and MergeARK releases

  • Developed Linux/Win32 C++ software library to stream medical images from client to server on demand as part of MergeView releases

  • Let the effort to migrate the database of the systems to utilize a PostgreSQL database

  • Primary development engineer for the products

Lead Software Engineer, MergeCOM-3 DICOM Tool Kit (Milwaukee, WI, May 1996 – September 1999)

  • Technical lead for the MergeCOM-3 Advanced Integrator’s Tool Kit, a multi-platform ANSI C software library used to develop medical imaging network applications supporting the DICOM standard

  • Responsible for support of customers in Asia, Europe, and North America including troubleshooting problems in the field and visiting customer sites

  • 50% of time spent on coding including bug fixes and new features to library

  • Optimized library to increase network performance by 40% and decrease memory usage by 50%

  • Developed and expanded upon automated test applications to improve software quality

  • Wrote cross platform MacOS/NT image receiving application

  • Responsible for bringing to market a C++/MFC based DICOM protocol analyzer supplied to Merge by another company

Software Engineer (Milwaukee, WI, March 1995 – May 1996)

  • Developed DICOM media functionality for MergeCOM-3 Tool Kit

  • Designed and coded the user interface and thread manager for a Macintosh based DICOM image storage gateway

  • Developed input module for a DICOM based print server

  • Coordinated trade show demonstration of DICOM viewing application

Wisconsin Center for Space Automation and Robotics

Staff Electrical Engineer (Madison, WI, August 1993 - March 1995)

  • Member of team responsible for the design, assembly, and testing of the Astroculture-3 and Astroculture-4 experimental plant growth units flown on the space shuttle in February of 1994 and February of 1995

  • Developed automation and control software in C used to control five different environmental subsystems within the plant growth chambers

  • Developed PC based user interface software that communicated with the space shuttle experiment through a serial connection

  • Generated the systems level electrical design of the experiments and assembled the electrical hardware for each unit

Wisconsin Center for Space Automation and Robotics

Student Electrical Engineer (Madison, WI, August 1990 - August 1993)

  • Improved and updated control software of the Astroculture-1 space shuttle flight experiment

  • Developed PID controller software used with an STD bus computer system

  • Implemented user interface program used for the Astroculture-1 space shuttle flight experiment

  • Prepared electrical schematics, electrical hardware, and data acquisition software in C for three PC controlled KC-135 parabolic flight experiments

  • Wrote and maintained software and hardware for an interactive space shuttle flight experiment training unit

McDonnell Douglas Space Systems Company

Summer Intern (Huntington Beach, CA, Summer 1990)

  • Implemented a FORTRAN subroutine to model the growth of plants in a closed ecological life support system

Wisconsin Center for Space Automation and Robotics

Student Electrical Engineer (Madison, WI, November 1989 - May 1990)

  • CAD work with electrical and mechanical drawings

  • Circuit analysis, testing, and construction


University of Wisconsin-Madison

B. S. Electrical Engineering with Computer Engineering Option, May 1993

Second major in Computer Sciences, May 1993


Member, DICOM WG-14, 1999-2006

Member, DICOM WG-6, 2006-2007


Humidity and Temperature Control in the Astroculture Flight Experiment, June 1994

Control and Monitoring of Environmental Parameters in the Astroculture Flight Experiment, July 1995

A Web-Based Data Management System as a Collaborative Imaging Research Platform, May 2018


Method and system for medical data display (US Patent 9,933,926)